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Geoinformation Unmanned Aerial Systems LTD, trading under the name ‘GeinUAS’, is an international technology hub and one-stop-shop that simplifies the design, manufacture, operation, and training process and solutions for specialised Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Geoinformation Systems (GIS) used in the professional community and other non-specialized organisations.

What can we do at GeinUAS?


We are a Producer of high-quality UAVs, as an integral part of UAS, which includes control stations, data links and other related equipment. These UAVs are equipped with the latest technology and are suitable for a wide range of applications such as surveying, mapping, inspection, screening, etc

Furthermore, through our specialist team and strategic alliances, our custom-order UAS solutions can be modified to meet the demands of both professional associations for surveying, mapping, UAS engineers, pilots, and designers, hobbyist societies, SMEs, wildlife conservationists, educational bodies, governments, and other international organisations.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in the UAS / GIS field, particularly within the Ukrainian national UAS/GIS programs, and provides valuable insights into the operational and technical recommendations to ensure your success.    
Due to this specialist skill set, we are well positioned to offer our 
Consulting Services to integrate various UAS technologies into our client’s operations and to maximize the benefits of using this new technology. 

We also conduct UAS training for individuals and teams to demonstrate how to operate UAS safely and effectively. Advanced UAS Training, for national programs and specialised organisations that are certifiable with an internationally recognised bachelor's degree, in partnership with our strategic partners.       
Our training programs are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, in line with their local government guidelines and are designed to provide hands-on experience with the latest UAS technology and

We also engage in R&D and other studies related to design engineering, scientific analysis, and technical performance. Enhanced by our ability to conduct civilian and dual-use military use UAS testing in real-life settings with our strategic partners in Ukraine.


As an on-demand engineering firm, we are able to design the plans for new UAS production plants by procuring equipment, materials, and components and implement your own production of tailormade UAS in compliance with international legislation, the UK, EU laws, permits, and procedures internationally.


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