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GeoInformation Systems

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is software that blends the power of a map, UAS and the power of a database to allow people to create, manage and analyse information, particularly information about a location.

Our GIS Services

We are able to offer a suite of solutions for GIS and apply the technology to various industry needs. Woking with us will allow your entity to benefit from GIS without the hindrance of training, acquiring software and data collection.  

We are able to offer;

•To Develop the National Spatial Data Infrastructure

•Geographic Data Collection through UAS

•Provide UAS  Customised to Client Needs

•Data Mapping to Satellite Images

•Data Analysis

•Implementation of GIS Programs

•Dedicated Software Design

•Spatial Database Design

•GIS Analysis & Reporting

•GIS Software & Customisation

•Scalable Solutions


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  • Insurance Applications

  • Damage Reports

  • Health Sectors

  • National Spatial Data Programs

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Private Enterprises


And More…

Example of our GIS in the 'Property and Casualty Assessment Project' used in Ukraine

The Geographic Information System "Property-casualty assessment" is an interactive map developed in accordance with the technical requirements of the insurance company.

The system can diversify the client base, show the launch, repair and completion of insured objects; will allow sorting objects by price, region, historical dates, condition, footage, insurance frequency, insurance amounts, indemnity amounts; depressed/criminal/prospective expansion areas; will simplify the calculation of losses caused by mass destruction of the insured property and reduce the number of untargeted overpayments; will provide access to a single database for valuation, risk management, insurance underwriting, insurance fraud prevention, reconstruction and make all processes more transparent, accountable and free from corruption.

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